About 25 km from the sea over the rolling hills above Tenna Valley, in a place rich in history, art and culture, where you can still see the ruins of a past civilization, you will find our farm. 

The current from the sea, which date from the valley and the natural barrier of the Sibillini Mountains, give rise to a microclimate especially suited to our crops, olive groves variety "Piantone di Falerone," Cereals and strawberries find their natural environment.

Through the knowledge of the area we can manage to close the agro-ecosystem respecting its nature, using the natural properties of fertile land while preserving the health of the soil ecosystem and people.

A good agriculture can produce healthy food and close, it helps stop the hydrogeological, contains fire, protecting waterways through proper management of irrigation ditches, canals, streams and rivers,
protecting biodiversity by promoting the flora and fauna and the identity of a country, it creates unique landscapes, promotes tourism and increases employment.

Contact Us

  • via Piaggiole nr. 4
    63837 Falerone (FM) Italy
    Tel.: +39 0734 759200
    Mobile: +39 348 3624303
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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