Senzacqua Farm

In the gently rolling hills of Marche a landscape rich in archeological history and characterised with centuries'old olive trees, you will find Giacomo Senzacqua's farm, established in 1993. Since the beginning he invested in high quality resources and registered for biological certification. His main products were cereals and hay production.

In 1995 after meeting with Professor Rosati, teacher of fruit cultivation at Ancona university, he started to grow organic strawberries.

He also started in collaboration with a vivarium, to propogate his olive trees, mainly the olive cultivar of "Piantone di Falerone". From these trees was born a selected extravirgin olive oil, fruity, flavour-some and slightly bitter, with flagrances of almond oil and artichoke, and a fresh golden green colour with high level of poliphenols. Its distintive taste is pleasantly enchanting when used on Italian "brushetta", barbeques, salads, soups and herbs.

Giacomo's olive groves expanded, and he restored abandoned olive groves in the falerone territory, with accurate trimming and severe fitosanitary controls. Now he cultivates about 2500 olive trees.

In 2005 he built his own olive press, with the most modern technology to extract oil at cold temperatures (25 degrees) with soft pressing.

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